Lessons Learned: September

As September draws to a close – and minds wiser than mine contemplate the merger of the Hazelden and Betty Ford clinics — it is worthwhile to step back and reflect on what we learned during the month in the worlds of business, entertainment, sports and politics.

As for me …

  • Walter White and Breaking Bad will be missed but James Spader has arrived just in time with “Red” Reddington on The Blacklist.
  • The new IOS7 look is making us dizzy and spaced out – obviously a subliminal tribute to Steve Jobs.
  • Blackberry?  Well, at least the graduate school classes about huge corporate failures can move beyond the Kodak case.
  • The Seattle of the Seahawks and Russell Wilson is a lot different than the Seattle of The Killing and Linden and Holder.
  • Carrie is self-medicating, Brody is AWOL and Saul is throwing Carrie under the bus.  Welcome back Homeland.
  • Kudos to the Pirates and Indians and to the cities of Pittsburgh and Cleveland.
  • Ted Cruz is so far out there that even John McCain (yes, the John McCain who picked Sarah Palin) found his way back to coherent reasoning for a moment.
  • Brian Williams’ rapid recovery from knee replacement surgery earns him multiple “attaboys.”
  • Starbucks’ “no-guns” position once again demonstrates that Howard Schultz is operating on a different level than most of us.

And finally …

  • Spitzer and Weiner, Weiner and Spitzer (doesn’t read well either way) – please run for some other office.   We need you.

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