Observations: Living in Chicago vs. Los Angeles

After 6 1/2 years in Chicago, my return to Los Angeles (for a second time) has been enlightening – in a few select areas.

In no particular order, here’s how the two cities match up in the categories that recently have been racing through my mind:

  • Female attire (weekends/game days) – Chicago (team jerseys); Los Angeles (lululemon)
  • Primary Starbucks activity – Chicago (LSATs); Los Angeles (screenplays)
  • Food observation #1 – Chicago (TALK: steak and burgers; EAT: steak and burgers); Los Angeles (TALK: fish/chicken/sprouts; EAT: steak and burgers)
  • TV meteorologist catch phase – Chicago (“lake-effect snow”); Los Angeles (“marine layer”)
  • Rick Bayless scorecard – Chicago: 8 (Frontera Grill; XOCO, Topolobampo, including eateries at O’Hare and Macy’s), Los Angeles: 1 (Red-O; about to double with another facility in Newport Beach)
  • NFL impact – Chicago (“Da Bears”); Los Angeles (“want to walk on the beach?”)
  • Biking – Chicago (individuals, many in T-shirts); Los Angeles (clusters, all with logo-heavy jerseys)
  • Pizza – Chicago (residents eat thin crust; visitors/tourists eat deep dish); Los Angeles (CPK)
  • Travel to baseball game – Chicago (Red Line); Los Angeles (bumper-to-bumper)
  • Clothing key word – Chicago (layers); Los Angeles (dry-fit)
  • West is best – Chicago (West Loop); Los Angeles (West Hollywood)
  • Skyline – Chicago (world quality); Los Angeles (need to Photoshop downtown LA, Century City, Wilshire Corridor onto picture of Santa Monica and pier)
  • Coffee link – Chicago (Intelligentsia); Los Angeles (Intelligentsia)
  • Accent – Chicago (slow, hold your nose when you speak); Los Angeles (fast, merge vowels together when you speak)
  • Heard on the street – Chicago (Polish and Russian); Los Angeles (Spanish, Farsi and Russian)
  • Best iconic statue — Chicago (Michael Jordan at United Center); Los Angeles (Bruce Lee in Chinatown)
  • Best presidential statue – Chicago (Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park); Los Angeles (Ronald Reagan, but you have to drive to Temecula)
  • Sports page constant, years later – Chicago (Phil Jackson); Los Angeles (Phil Jackson)
  • Stanley Cup champion – Chicago (current); Los Angeles (former)

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