Ageism Part 2: Rejection Letters

So, as it turns out, my acquaintance Lenny reads this blog.  And, because he is in his early 60s and not working, he had plenty of time – and sufficient interest – to read my recent posting [“Ageism: Rampant and Spreading”] regarding the spread of age discrimination.

Lenny – like other people his age – is having a difficult time securing work.  This, despite the fact that he is highly experienced, has extensive expertise and is still very healthy and vibrant.

After reading my blog – and seeing my mention of “robojections,” those automated rejection notices that companies send you when you no longer are a candidate – Lenny contacted me to vent.  And to let me know how annoyed he is at the whole “robojection” process.

The following represents just of few of the “robojections” he has received (and his commentary on each):

Robojection:  We received materials from many experienced applicants as yourself, and it was a difficult decision selecting the candidate whose background most closely related to the requirements of this particular position.

Lenny Comment:  Apparently not that difficult!

Robojection:  Thank you for your interest in the position.  We’ve rehired a former associate of ours to take the position.  Good luck in the future.

Lenny Comment:  Thanks.  Maybe I will be as lucky as your former associate in the future.

Robojection:  We are currently pursuing candidates whose skills, background and/or seniority more closely fit the requirements for this position.

Lenny Comment:  Seniority?  If that were true, I would be coming in for a meeting.

Robojection:  We regret to inform you that the position has been filled. 

Lenny Comment:  You regret?  Why?

Robojection:  Please forgive the form letter, but the enormous volume of inquiries we receive obliges us to respond in this manner. Thank you and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Lenny Comment:  I don’t care about the type of letter.  I care about not getting a chance.  Oh, and I’m not looking for endeavors.  I’m looking for a job.

Robojection:  Your background and qualifications have been given careful review with respect to this position. Although you were not selected for this position, we appreciate your desire to expand your career.

Lenny Comment:  The only thing that was given careful consideration was my age.  Do they really think I’m trying to expand my career at this point?

Robojection: The hiring department has thoroughly reviewed your application for this position and has selected another applicant that best meets the needs for the position.

Lenny Comment:  “Who,” not “that.”  You may not be human but we are.

Robojection:  We wanted to notify you that the role has been filled or closed.

Lenny Comment:  I guess this one is the dual-purpose response.

Robojection:  Again, we sincerely appreciate your interest and pray that God will bless you as you continue to pursue your career goals.

Lenny Comment:  Oh, now I feel better.

As mentioned in my last piece, ageism is rampant and spreading.  And, apparently, works well with high technology.


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