Atticus Finch/Will Kane Come to the Rescue

And so, the appointment Wednesday of Bob Mueller as a special counsel to look into all things Trump/Russia caused some immediate reactions.

The first is I flashed on Gregory Peck (as Atticus Finch) and Gary Cooper (in High Noon), standing stall and erect, commanding the courtroom or the local law-enforcement crisis … and bringing a level of credibility that the citizens haven‘t seen in a long, long time.

(C’mon, check out Will Kane on the left.  If that’s not Mueller, it certainly is Jim Comey.)

In that same flash,  I also saw a deranged Nicolas Cage hiding out in the back bedroom of the local brothel.

This, apparently, is how I process the ebb and flow of politics in 2017.

My follow-up reaction … which probably was driven by my earlier ones, is that symbolism can be powerful in shaping perceptions.


  • Robert Mueller the war hero.  Donald Trump the non-participant.
  • Upon accepting the special counsel appointment, Robert Mueller resigns immediately from his law firm, WilmerHale.  More than 115 days into his presidency, Donald Trump has not distanced himself from his business interests.
  • Robert Mueller immediately has widespread, bi-partisan support.  Donald Trump constantly goes out of his way to divide.
  • Robert Mueller’s stellar reputation.  Donald Trump’s clouded reputation.
  • Robert Mueller’s orderly, no-nonsense process.  Donald Trump’s “spaghetti-against-the-wall,” 24/7 turmoil.

Gregory Peck vs. Nicolas Cage.

Gary Cooper vs. Nicolas Cage.

Either way, it’s not going to be a fair fight.





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